You Do Not Have the Right To Kill Yourself

suicidal__pills__by_saccharinesmileSome people think that suicide is a victimless crime. It isn’t. Suicides are not just killing themselves. That would still be very tragic. They are also killing every person they are to other people:

  • They are killing their spouse’s spouse.
  • They are killing their children’s parent.
  • They  are killing their parents’ child.
  • They are killing their siblings’ sibling.
  • They are killing their friends’ friend.
  • They are killing their loved ones’ loved one.

No one has the right to murder all of these people. Even if you hate yourself, there are probably still people who love and respect that person they see in you. You may think that no one knows the real you but that doesn’t matter. If you kill yourself, you are killing a very real person to other people. If you believe this identity they have created for you is another person entirely, then all the more reason that killing this person is indeed murder. You must admit that you do not have the right to murder another person or persons but that is exactly what you would be doing should you decide to take your own life.

It has been said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you are depressed, your problems probably don’t seem temporary at all. I know. However, everything changes. This too, shall pass. In the meantime, talk to someone. Get help. Put off killing yourself for one more day. Believe it or not, it gets easier.

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Why Live?!

Passing_out_groceriesYour life is useful. If you don’t want it, don’t throw it away. Give your life to others who can use it. Volunteer. Look for opportunities to help wherever you can. A life spent solely in the service of one’s self is wasted. Become important to someone else. That is the true reason for living.

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Understanding God

1024px-Healthy_Human_T_CellThe simple truth is that no single individual can possibly come close to understanding what this ‘God’ thing truly is. That would be even more inconceivable than a single cell in a person’s body understanding the whole body to which it belongs. It is a part of something greater and it exists for the greater good. What more can it/we really know?

We do not even fully understand ourselves. How much more incredibly complex is God  than ourselves?

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A Higher Self

higher_selfBelief in a higher self is essential for normal human beings. I believe that few true atheists (loosely defined) exist. Most people who think they are atheists merely have a problem with the definition of God. The label ‘God’ is loaded with all sorts of dogmatic implications. The term ‘Higher Power’ is used by 12-steps groups but is not without its own problems. I sometimes prefer thinking of God as a ‘Higher Self’. Anyone who believes that there are things in this universe more important than themselves believes in a higher self. Anyone whose sense of self extends beyond their immediate individuality – such as family, community, humanity, life, totality – believes in a Higher Self. Perhaps only sociopaths can be atheists in this sense.

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Decisions, Decisions…

fence_signSometimes decisions are hard, especially if you suffer from major depression and indecision like I do. Here’s a little checklist that might help:

  • Are you of sound mind and body? Are you currently able to make a relaxed, informed decision?
  • Does it feel like the right thing to do?
  • Is it something that you believe you are really capable of doing?
  • Have you considered all of the foreseeable consequences of your decision, both desirable and undesirable.
  • Are you willing to accept all of these consequences?
  • Is failure a real possibility? If so, is it acceptable to you?
  • Keeping in mind the least desirable consequences of your decision, including failure, is it something you think you will be glad to have at least attempted to do, long after it is over?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions, then quit procrastinating and just do it already!

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Sex and Violence In the Media

weapon-424772_640Why is America so violent?

Could it be the values we inadvertently teach our children?

We sometimes allow children to view the most disturbing images of sadistic murder and violence imaginable with little more than a tacit warning.

And yet, it is literally unthinkable to allow a child view a graphic depiction of two married heterosexual adults making love in the missionary position.

Some may argue that sex is a private act. But then again, isn’t murder even more so? And yet we callously flaunt that in all its gory detail.

It has been argued that graphic violence encourages violent behavior in children. It has also been argued that graphic sex would encourage promiscuity in children. Perhaps there is truth to both arguments. However, it is consistently the sexual content that is most heavily censored.

How can anyone logically argue that this does not send a confusing message to our children that sex is somehow worse than violence?

Perhaps reexamining our cultural values (and rating system) is long overdue.

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Is Time Consistent?

time-430625_640How do we know time travels in one direction at a consistent pace? If time went backwards we would forget the future and all evidence of it would be undone. If it sped up or slowed down our awareness would be accelerated or decelerated along with it. After all, we measure time by occurrences which are inseparably tied to the rate and direction at which it passes.

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True Randomness

Wormhole_travel_as_envisioned_by_Les_Bossinas_for_NASAQuantum theory proves that true randomness does in fact exist. The previous model postulated that unpredictability was due to partial ignorance of all influencing factors. An interesting thought related to true randomness: If a person went back in time to observe an outcome that had a less than 100% probability of occurring – the outcome might not occur in the same way it had before. (It is not the observer’s past, after all).

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Quantum Probability

Hydrogen_eigenstate_n5_l2_m1In order for an observed outcome to be predictable to 100% (effectively) at a macroscopic level it need only be predictable to infinitesimally over 50% at a quantum level.
All outcomes are based on random probability. The fact that we observe certain occurrences with a predictability we consider to be 100% is due to the cumulative probability of all components of the entire system.

Allegorically speaking, if there is a 51% probability that a slightly unbalanced coin will land on heads when flipped, the probability of observing a cumulative total of more heads than tails increases with each flip of the coin. At a point, approaching an infinite number of flips, the probability of the cumulative total of more heads than tails effectively equals 100%.

I believe that we humans must think at a quantum level, hence the ability to make unpredictable decisions. With computers, the probability of a predictable outcome approaches 100% because calculations are made instead at an electronic level which is composed of an unimaginably greater number of quantum particles.

Perhaps the old concept of cosmos and chaos (order and randomness) should be replace with one of probability at microscopic (quantum) and macroscopic scales.

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The Definition of Insanity

FlyfishingWhoever said that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ has apparently never gone fishing… or never really done anything else repeatedly for that matter. Scientifically speaking, if an experiment produces exactly the same results every time, the data is probably faked. There is always a margin of error in even the most controlled environments. People who expect the same actions to consistently produce the same results in the real world are naïve. We may laugh at people who buy lottery tickets but few people call the winners crazy for buying the winning ticket.
I guess I just dislike this popular saying because “insanity” is a real word with a real meaning. Anything else is just balderdash and trivializes a serious mental condition.

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